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It was at a team reunion at Rally NZ 2006 that Stu heard of Possums Group A rally car for sale on e-bay.  He came home with the goal of owning it. It was purchased from Paraguay and arrived in New Zealand in February 2007.  This was a sentimental moment for Stu as this was a piece of New Zealand history that belonged in New Zealand.  Stu worked on this car from 1996 – 2000 when Possum was doing the Australian Championship and Asia Pacific Championship.

History of the Car:

It was originally built by Prodrive in the UK in 1995.  It is car Number 23 and it’s full definition is STI/555/023.
In 1995 it was driven by Carlos Sainz and won the Monte Carlo Rally.
1996 was the year that Possum Bourne Purchased this car.

Possum won the Australian Championship in this car three consecutive years in a row from 1996-1998.  From 1999 to 2000 Possum did several events in the Asia Pacific Championship.

In 2001 Possum sold the car to a buyer in Argentina where it won two Argentina Championships before it was sold to a buyer in Paraguay.  This is where Stu purchased the car from in 2007.


The car is occasionally Driven by Stu  and Co Driven by Joanna in various local sprints and rallies. We have restored the car back to the original 1996 livery and we are working hard on the car to bring it back to original prodrive factory condition, a lengthy, difficult and expensive task using many of the old team photo’s.

It is also used for promotional display purposes.  If you wish to inquire about hiring the car for display purposes you can call Stubaru for the costs.