Subaru’s Love a good Service! 

What’s in our Service?

It takes about 2 Hours. 

  • We Drain and refill engine oil
  • Replace sump plug washer and oil filter
  • Check all fluid levels and top up as necessary
  • Check and top up rear differential oil
  • Check air filer and fuel filter and replace as necessary
  • Check battery and top up water if required
  • Check hoses, alternator, air conditioning and power steering belts
  • Check brakes, pad linings and brake discs
  • Check wipers, lights and exhaust
  • Check tyre pressures and correct as necessary
  • Check condition of tyres and rotate as required.

All fluids are topped up or change in accordance with manufacturers recommendations using quality lubricants. This is not like a jiffy lube, quality time and products are used.

From this check upcoming maintenance can be identified so that you the customer can plan ahead financially or go on holiday with peace of mind.

We give our customers the benefit of our extensive knowledge and experience in keeping your Subaru running happily, preventing unforeseen and costly engine repairs.
A full mechanical repair service is also part of what we do, although preventative maintenance is our main priority.